"Content is the King", We keep hearing the same thing again and again. Although the statement holds true irrespective of times, planning and delivery matters the most in today's day and age. Viral Content have always been thought of as random in nature, however data analytics have helped us to move towards a more formulaic approach towards creating viral content . Planning, for instance, as per the peak hours of the day or a particular window for a segment as per the target market is also critical. After planning, it is all about the delivery or execution. 

After the traditional trial and error, we come up with the right mix of thoughts and elements and the same has to be ingrained in future contents with a consistency that matches the quality. Besides, Generating content is not a onetime process. It needs to be a continuous process inline with the short term and long term strategies. At Skymines we strategize in carrying out effective and consistent methods to reach out to your customers. A well exercised content plan creates 50% of your digital communication.

“Content Marketing is a long term relationship. It's not a one night stand" “ – Unknown

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